Concealed Carry and Self-Defense Pistol Course 10/12/2019


Date: Saturday October 12, 2019

Time: 9am to approx. 1pm

This course requires the participant to be in good physical health and have good manual dexterity) This course consists of some of the following topics: Range Safety, Legal issues, Use of Force, De-escalation of Force/ Violence, Proper Stances, Proper Grip, Proper Sight Alignment, Proper Sight picture, Proper Trigger Control, Proper Breathing control, Clearing Firearm Malfunctions, identifying concealment v. cover.

    Tactical Reloading, Administrative Reloading, Moving and Shooting using Concealed Carry Techniques, Increasing your accuracy at different distances, Shooting while properly moving forward, laterally and backwards, Shooting from different kneeling positions, Failure Drills, One hand shooting (Strong side/ Support side), Shooting from concealment, Shooting from Cover/ barricade, Shooting different types of targets, Defensive Shooting Techniques, Shooting at realistic steel targets, Handgun Retention Techniques and the Stop The Bleed Course (Save a Life. How to Stop a Traumatic bleed).

This course supersedes the Springfield, MA and Longmeadow, MA Police Departments requirements to apply for an Unrestricted License to Carry.

Required Equipment:

  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • 300-500 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • Your own pistol with minimum 3 magazines,
  • Functional holster (inside the waist or outside the waist. Holster must stay open when drawing your firearm so you can re-holster. NO Cheap Airsoft holsters)
  • Personal First-Aid Kit
  • Baseball Style Hat
  • Plenty of Water and snacks for yourself
  • Sturdy foot wear and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather. This training is all outside.
  • This course is approximately 4 hours in length.

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