Advanced Pistol Concealment Course

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 Class will be held on the below Date/ Times and locations.

Date/ Time:     

Please see Training Calendar for upcoming classes. Or if interested in this class please contact us at 413-204-0592.

Class Location:

SSD Tactical Training

100 Verge St. Unit #2 (Off Parker St. near Railroad overpass)

Springfield, MA 01129

Cost of class is:  $125.00 per student. (Groups of 3 or more save 10% each)

Must pre-register for the class.

(Please see Application Tab to apply.

(This class is taught by retired/veteran police officers)

Space is limited: You must reserve a seat in this class. Please see application on how to pre-register. In order to run this class we must have a minimum of 2 students.

Class Description:

PURPOSE: The purpose of this course of fire is to evaluate the shooter’s ability to operate a concealed carry or back up handgun and to serve as a course of fire from concealment and for self-defense situations.



  • Discreetly draw from the holster under stress, i.e. Ankle, Pocket, or Vest.
  • All presentations will be done from concealment
  • Demonstrate proper reloading techniques.
  • Realize the effective range of your gun.
  • Utilize cover & concealment.
  • Defend his/her person while effectively stopping the attacker.
  • “Shoot to Stop” under stress.

COURSE OF FIRE: The course of fire is fifty rounds (200-300) from different yardages and stages.  All presentations will be done from concealment.

Shooters are expected to scan for additional threats prior to recovering the weapon back to the holster for the next shooting phase. It is understood that certain types of concealment options especially those affording “deep concealment” that are likely to be used in this course may make smooth one handed re-holstering impossible. For that reason re-holstering will be required to be done safely.

Course Requirements:     ****Must sign liability wavier.****

  1. Eye and Hearing protection is mandatory.
  2. MUST have a valid License to Carry permit.
  3. Can bring your own ammunition and firearm. (If you do not have one, you can use ours for an additional cost)
  4. (We will supply the targets)
  5. Must bring jacket, vest, sweat shirt or other long garment for concealment.
  6. Bring a baseball style hat.
  7. Dress comfortable and appropriately for the weather. (Boots or sneakers are fine. NO FLIP FLOPS or OPEN TOES)



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