Empty Hand Self-Defense/ Firearm Retention Course


Class Date:  Check Calendar for up coming classes.  

Class Location: 100 Verge St. Unit #2, Springfield, MA 01129             

This course is designed to build the confidence and teach the techniques to fight off an attacker. This course will teach you how to be mentally aware of your surroundings and teach you combative techniques (Palm heel strikes, punches, kicks etc.) to escape from chokes and holds. You will also learn the 

  • Techniques and tactics to keep your firearms in your holster and how to defend yourself when attacked from the front, sides and rear.
  • How to retain your firearm if someone either ambushes you or confronts you and tries to disarm you.
  • Situational awareness.
  • This class will be physical in nature due to practicing the self-defense techniques learned in class.
  •  You will learn how not to be a victim but the victor.
  • Please wear workout gear and good sneakers.

If you’re truly serious about learning life saving skills then this course is for you. 

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe

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