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Personal Protection Course (Defend against a Violent Attack)!

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This course is designed to teach personal protection techniques to prevent you, your family, co-workers, Church groups, etc., from becoming victims of a violent crime! During this course we teach Empty Hand Combatives and use Blue guns and Simunition guns (Force-on-Force) to bring reality to the training.  This course has two Levels and can be broken down into 4hr blocks ($125) or an 8hr ($250) block of instruction. Below is some of what we teach;

1. Personal Weapon Defense (Empty Hand Combat. End the fight fast and effectively).

2. How to defend yourself and family members against a Home Invasion.

3. How to properly maneuver inside your home against an attacker.

4. How to defend yourself and family members against a Carjacker.

5. Handgun/ Firearm Retention (A must know if you carry a gun)

6. Firearm Defense (What to do if someone pulls a gun on you)

7. Knife Defense (What to do if someone pulls a knife on you)

We have Coed and all women classes forming now. If you’re interested on reality based training then look no further. Our staff have years of Law Enforcement Tactical Instructor Training and Experience. Our classes are affordable and empowering!

Contact us at 413-204-0592 or email at dw14mpoc@verizon.net

“If it’s possible, It’s preventable”

Stay Safe, Stay Prepared, Stay Informed

2 thoughts on “Personal Protection Course (Defend against a Violent Attack)!”

  1. Laurie Benoit says:

    I would be interested in a class like this

    1. tact21 says:

      Hi Laurie, We will be scheduling them again very soon. We will keep you posted.

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