Misdemeanor Conviction Disqualifiers for FID and LTC’s

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Conviction Disqualifiers for FID Cards and LTC’s

Under Massachusetts Motor Vehicle law, misdemeanors punishable by imprisonment for more than two years include the following offenses:

Motor Vehicle Offenses

1.Operating After Suspension for OUI/MVH, etc. (c. 90, §23)

2.OUI (c. 90, §24(1)) (Only applies to convictions after May 27, 1994)

3.Motor Vehicle Homicide While OUI or While OTE (c. 90, §24G(b))

4.OUI With Serious Bodily Injury (c. 90, §24L(2))

5.OUI on a Vessel (c. 90B, §8(a))

6.OUI on a Vessel With Serious Bodily Injury (c. 90B, §8A(2))

7.Homicide by Vessel While OUI or While OTE (c. 90B, §8B(2))

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