Intermediate Level Pistol Shooting Course

(This class is taught by retired/veteran police officers)

Class Date:  This course will be offered again ion the spring

Time: 9am-1pm (Times are approximate)

Cost of class is $150.00   (Min. of 4 people to hold this class. Max of 8 people)

***$75.00 deposit to be paid when signing up for the course to hold your seat. $75.00 CASH ONLY due the day of training***

Contact Form Below↓↓↓

Please contact us with questions;

SSD Tactical Training, Inc.

(P) 413-204-0592

(F) 413-301-5180

Must take this course before taking the Advanced Level Pistol Course

Time of Class will be 9am-1pm   (Times are approximate)

Please click here for the class Applications tab.

The course will consist of the following topics and essential skills which require approx. 200-300 rounds of pistol ammunition:

    • Range Safety
    • Legal issues
    • Proper Stances
    • Proper Grip
    • Proper Sight Alignment
    • Proper Sight picture
    • Proper Trigger Control
    • Proper Breath control
    • Clearing Firearm Malfunctions
    • Multiple shots at multiple Targets
    • Tactical Reloading
    • Administrative Reloading
    • Increasing your accuracy at different distances
    • Shooting while properly moving forward, laterally and backwards
    • Failure Drills
    • One hand shooting (Strong side/ Support side)
    • Shooting from concealment
  • Shooting different types of targets
  • All course of fire will be from 0 – 15 yardsAll participants must fill out an application prior to class.  Class size is limited. 
  • Participants MUST bring their Active License To Carry (Must have an active pistol permit. NO EXCEPTIONS) and other items as follows:
    • Eye Protection (Safety Glasses)
    • Baseball style hat
    • Ear Protection
    • Dress appropriately for the weather
    • Their Firearm they wish to shoot. .22cal-.45 ACP
  • Ammunition for their firearm