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(Live-Fire , Non-Live Fire, F.I.D) Massachusetts/ Connecticut License to Carry (LTC) or F.I.D Firearms Safety Course. 05/02, 05/03, 05/24, 05/30/2020

This is a SHOOTING course.   The only way to learn is by seeing, hearing and doing.  You will learn: Safe handling of

C.269 § 12D Carrying Rifle or Shotgun in Public

C.269 § 12D Carrying Rifle or Shotgun in Public  (a) Except as exempted or provided by law, no person shall

Intermediate Level Pistol Shooting Course

This course will be held on Friday 09/22/2017 from 9:30am-1:30pm. Seats are limited. Intermediate Level Pistol Shooting Course Intermediate Level Pistol

ATF Reclassifies Nitrocellulose Without Shooting/Hunting Industry Input

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is making some changes that are really raising some eyebrows. They

Up Coming Classes

All class will be held at: SSD Tactical Training, Inc.  100 Verge St. Unit #2Rear  Springfield, MA 01129 (map)  

Furnishing Weapons to Minors

C. 140 § 130 Furnishing Weapons to Aliens or Minors Whoever sells or furnishes a rifle, shotgun or ammunition to

Exemption for Muzzleloaders

Exemption For Muzzleloaders and Ammunition Therefor: Subsection (p) has long provided a nonresident exemption for muzzleloaders. Recent changes have included