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(Live-Fire , Non-Live Fire) Massachusetts/ Connecticut License to Carry (LTC) or F.I.D Firearms Safety Course Dates: 01/12, 02/16, 02/22, 02/29, 03/08,03/22, 03/28/2020

Up coming Dates: 01/12/20, 02/16/20, 02/22/20, 02/29/20, 03/08/20, 03/22/20, 03/28/2020 This is a SHOOTING course.   The only way to learn is by

MA/ CT (Live Fire) License to Carry/ Pistol Permits. 11/03/2019, 11/16/2019, 11/23/2019

This is a SHOOTING course. This course consists of handling several different types of firearms. The only way to learn

UTAH Multi-State Concealed Carry Course 10/05/2019 $50.00

Location: Ludlow Fish and Game Club 200 Sportsman”s Rd. Ludlow, MA 01056 ***Please Call SSD Tactical Training and not the

Up Coming License to Carry and Utah Multi-State Carry Classes.

Massachusetts License to Carry Course. Date: Friday August 03, 2018  Time: 6pm-9:30pm   MA/CT License to Carry Course Date: Sunday

National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Legislation

Thanks to your continued calls and emails, NRA supported Right-to-Carry bills have seen increases in cosponsorships over these past few