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MA/CT Live Fire License to carry Course 04/6, 7, 27, 28/2019

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This course will allow you to apply in MA, CT and many more states for your license to carry a pistol.  (We hold these courses on a regular basis for anyone interested)

Cost of class is: is $95 (Normally $110) (Please visit our website to register)  (Great for people 15-20 years of age looking to get their Firearms Identification Card.  And people 21 years old and older to apply for your License to Carry permit)  (LTC)

This is a SHOOTING course.  This course consists of handling several different types of firearms.  The only way to learn is by seeing, hearing and doing.  There is NO online portion or video games to this training course. You will learn firearms storage laws, self-defense laws, transportation laws and many more. (This class meets the Chicopee Police Dept. resident requirements for applying for their License to Carry Permit.)

(This Class is taught by retired/veteran police officers)

 Topics covered in this class will be Massachusetts & Connecticut General Laws pertaining to firearms, safe storage of firearms, safe handling of firearms, child proofing firearms, Identifying and unloading different firearms, cleaning firearms, different types of ammunition and laws pertaining to transportation of firearms. This class is also great for people who want to get into Airsoft guns (To learn safe gun handling). If these guns are handled improperly, there could be some accidental discharge resulting in injuries. If your child wants to get into Airsoft training then he/ she should take this class on gun safety.

At the conclusion of this class you will HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND CONFIDENCE NECESSARY FOR OWNING AND USING A FIREARM SAFELY and receive a Massachusetts and Connecticut State Police Certificate and a Certificate of Completion to apply to many other states . This course exceeds the requirements to apply for your Firearms Identification Card (FID) or License to Carry/ Concealed Carry permit in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Florida and any other state that requires a LIVE FIRE firearms safety course.

If you’re not sure if you want to train with us then please check out our reviews on our website or Facebook.

RESTORATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS. Conflict Between Massachusetts & Federal Law

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Conflict Between Massachusetts & Federal Law

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has reached out to the Massachusetts Firearms Review Board and advised them that they can no longer issue License to Carry or Firearms Identification Cards to Federally Prohibited Persons even if a favorable decision is made by the Firearms License Review Board. 

As of May 11, 2018. The MA Firearms Review Board will NO longer issue FID Cards to federally prohibited persons whose rights to an FID Card have been restored after 5 years under state law. Which means that the persons rights will be revoked. 

(Below is from Massachusetts Firearms Law Guide) 

Excerpt of Case Law Concerning Restoration of Rights
Any restriction on an individual’s right to possess firearms after conviction is a complete prohibition on the possession of all firearms under Federal law. Caron v. United States (1998)

Excerpt of Letter to Massachusetts Legislature Concerning Restoration of Rights

While Massachusetts has partially restored the rights of certain felons to possess long guns and handguns under certain conditions, this restoration does not remove federal prohibitions. As a result, previously convicted felons who have not had their firearms rights completely restored may not lawfully possess firearms under Federal law and may face prosecution under section 922(g)(1) despite their lawful possession under State law pursuant to valid FID Cards.

Roy Chabra,
BATF Division Counsel

C. 140 § 121 Definition of a Sawed-off Shotguns

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Sawed-off Shotguns: These are now illegal in Massachusetts under chapter 269, section 10. They cannot be possessed even by a holder of a federal Class III license. Caution, a legal shotgun with an 18″ barrel can be made into an illegal “sawed-off shotgun” under this definition by installing a pistol grip stock if the overall length then is less than 26″.

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Stay Informed


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Some helpful information for those seeking a Massachusetts License to Carry a firearm.
FID Cards

Even with the 2014 changes in Massachusetts firearms law, M.G.L. Chapter 140, §129B still states “the licensing authority shall issue if it appears that the applicant is not a prohibited person.” However, while the FID Card is a “shall Issue” license, a new (although somewhat complicated) procedure does exist to deny or suspend for suitability.
To deny or suspend the FID Card for suitability, the licensing authority may file a petition with the court. Said petition must be accompanied by written notice to the applicant describing the evidence in the petition, and such petition must be based on specific reasons outlined in the statute. If a petition to deny is filed, the court has 90 days to hold a hearing and the petition shall stay the issuance or renewal of the card. Upon filing a petition to suspend or revoke, the court has 15 days to determine if there is sufficient evidence to support a finding that the applicant is unsuitable. The card is suspended upon filing of the petition until a determination is made by the court. If the court determines there is insufficient evidence for such finding, the licensing authority may not file another petition on that cardholder or applicant for 75 days. If there court determines there is sufficient evidence for a finding of unsuitability, it shall hold a hearing within 75 days.
Basis for determination of unsuitability:
 Reliable, articulable, and credible information that the applicant has exhibited or engaged in behavior to suggest the applicant could potentially create a risk to public safety; or
 Existing factors that suggest that the applicant could potentially create a risk to public safety.
Court determination:
 The court has 90 days to make a determination if the cardholder or applicant HAS exhibited or engaged in behavior that could create a risk to public safety
 The court has 75 to make a determination if the cardholder or applicant COULD potentially create a risk to public safety.
 If no determination is made within the specified time period, the court shall enter a judgment that the applicant is suitable.

Effective 1/1/14 there are new standards for denying, suspending or revoking an LTC for unsuitability. The licensing authority may deny the application or renewal of a license to carry, or suspend or revoke a license issued under this section if, in a reasonable exercise of discretion, the licensing authority determines that the applicant or licensee is unsuitable to be issued or to continue to hold a license to carry.
A determination of unsuitability shall be based on:
 Reliable and credible information that the applicant or licensee HAS exhibited or engaged in behavior that suggests that, if issued a license, the applicant or licensee may create a risk to public safety; or
 Existing factors that suggest that, if issued a license, the applicant or licensee MAY create a risk to public safety.
Aggrieved person right to appeal
 Within 90 days of the denial, suspension or revocation
 Within 90 days after the expiration of the time limit for the licensing authority to respond to the applicant
 Any time after a restriction is placed on the license.
Court determination:
 If after a hearing the court finds there is no reasonable grounds for the denial, revocation, suspension or restriction, and the petitioner is not prohibited by law from possessing the license, the justice may order the license to be issued or the restriction to be removed.

4 Hour Basic Firearms Safety Course

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We here at SSD Tactical Training now offer a 4 Hour Basic Firearms Safety Course. Hours of this course is usually
(9am-1pm or 6pm-10pm)

This is a 4 hour Massachusetts approved Basic Pistol/ Firearms Safety Course. This course teaches you safe gun handling, safe storage, range safety, Firearms transportation laws and Massachusetts Firearms Laws. Upon completion of this course you will have met the requirements to apply for your License to Carry a Pistol (LTC or Long guns). Upon completion of this course you will receive a Mass State Police Certificate which meets the requirements to apply for your License to Carry Pistol permit. Please visit our website for more information. If you want to attend please click on the applications tab to apply and follow the instructions. Must have 5 students to run this course.

Cost: $50.00 per student

Pre-registration is a must. These seats fill quickly so pre-registration is a must to hold your seat

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe