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MA/CT Live Fire License to carry Course 04/6, 7, 27, 28/2019

This course will allow you to apply in MA, CT and many more states for your license to carry a

Women’s Self-Defense Class. Saturday 03/16/2019 10am.

Women’s Self-Defense Class. Saturday 03/16/2019 10am. You will learn techniques from Krav Maga which is a form of Israeli self-defense

Flying with FIREARM!

THIS IS VERY INTERESTING! Tactical and Preparedness Newsletter By: Ox & David Morris If you’re thinking of flying with a

Firearm Retention Course

Firearm Retention This course runs approximately 3hrs This course will teach you the following; Techniques and defensive tactics to keep

Handgun Retention/ Self-Defense Class

COMING SOON!  Handgun Retention/ Self-Defense Class! Do you know what to do if someone grabs your gun from the rear,

Self-Defense Pepper Spray

C. 140 § 122C Self Defense Sprays (Massachusetts Laws) (a) As used in this section and section 122D, “self-defense spray”

Women’s Self-Defense Class

SSD Tactical Training will be hosting a Women’s Self-Defense Class on July 17 & 31, 2015 from 6pm-8pm. This training