$50 MA Non-Live-Fire Firearms Safety Course 08/03/2018

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On Friday August 3, 2018 6pm-approx. 9:30pm our Massachusetts License to Carry Pistol Permit course IS ONLY $50.00.  You can pay your $25 deposit HERE. The balance would need to be paid in cash the night of the class.

This course will give you the ability to apply for your Massachusetts License to Carry a pistol. When you get your Massachusetts LTC you’ll be able to carry in Vermont, New Hampshire and in Maine. This is NOT a live fire training course. 

Please remember all who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms!

Stay prepared, Stay Safe

Intermediate Level Pistol Shooting Course

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This course will be held on Friday 09/22/2017 from 9:30am-1:30pm.

Seats are limited.

Intermediate Level Pistol Shooting Course

Intermediate Level Pistol Shooting Course


The course will consist of the essential skills for using a pistol in a defensive manner.

This course requires approx. 200-300 rounds of pistol ammunition.


Please check our Training Calendar for up coming courses.

(This class is taught by retired/veteran police officers)

Cost of class is $125.00   (Min. of 4 people to hold this class)

Contact Form Below↓↓↓↓

Please Mail checks and applications at lease one week prior to start of class to

SSD Tactical Training, Inc.

P.O. Box 443

Ludlow, MA 01056

(P) 413-204-0592

(F) 413-301-5180

Must take this course before taking the Advanced Level Pistol Course

Time of Class will be 9am-1pm   (Times are approximate)

Please click here for the class Applications tab.

The course will consist of the following topics and essential skills which require approx. 200-300 rounds of pistol ammunition:

  • Range Safety
  • Legal issues
  • Proper Stances
  • Proper Grip
  • Proper Sight Alignment
  • Proper Sight picture
  • Proper Trigger Control
  • Proper Breath control
  • Clearing Firearm Malfunctions
  • Multiple shots at multiple Targets
  • Tactical Reloading
  • Administrative Reloading
  • Increasing your accuracy at different distances
  • Shooting while properly moving forward, laterally and backwards
  • Failure Drills
  • One hand shooting (Strong side/ Support side)
  • Shooting from concealment
  • Shooting different types of targets
  • All course of fire will be from 0 – 15 yardsAll participants must fill out an application prior to class.  Class size is limited. 
  • Participants MUST bring their Active License To Carry (Must have an active pistol permit. NO EXCEPTIONS) and other items as follows:
  • Eye Protection (Safety Glasses)
  • Baseball style hat
  • Ear Protection
  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Their Firearm they wish to shoot. .22cal-.45 ACP
  • Ammunition for their firearm

Don’t Train Cheap!

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“Cheap Training Is Not Good Training,

Good Training Is Not Cheap,

You Get What You Pay For!!!” 

Training v. Practice!

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Training v. Practice

Training:  Where a student is taught how to do something by an instructor.


Practice:  Where a student repeats what they’ve been trained to do until they can do it automatically, or without thought.  It becomes a conditioned response that bypasses the parts of the brain that are most paralyzed in extreme stress situations.

Training is when you watch proper technique and try to duplicate it until the instructor says, “you’ve got it” and you move to learning the next technique.

Practice is when you repeat that perfect form at various speeds, consciously paying attention to every detail, until one day you wake up and realize that you can do it perfectly, automatically, and FAST, without having to think about it.

Training is what most civilian and law enforcement shooters do.

Practice is what elite SWAT units, military units, and competitive shooters who consistently win do.


Sun Tzu may have said it better, “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe

(Live-Fire) Massachusetts/ Connecticut License to Carry (LTC) Firearms Safety Course

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Class Location/ Date/ Time:        Classes held on a continuing basis. If interested  Please pay and check HERE for dates and availability.         Why pay $100 for a Non-Live Fire Course somewhere else and only be able to apply in Massachusetts. If you take this course you’ll be able to apply in MA, CT, RI, NH and many more states for your license to carry a pistol.  (Must have 4 students to run the class)

Cost of class is: ($100) Please pay using link above. (Credit Processor charges a small service charge) (Great for people 15-20 years of age looking to get their Firearms Identification Card.  And people 21 years old and older to apply for your License to Carry permit)  (LTC)

Location:  100 Verge St. Unit #2 (in the rear buildings) Springfield, MA 01129

Please Click Here: Application to apply. 

ATTENTION:   (Must receive students full name and date of birth prior to class. Information is needed for the class roster.)

This is a SHOOTING course. It’s approximately 8hours in length. This course consists of handling several different types of firearms.  The only way to learn is by seeing, hearing and doing.  There is NO online portion or video games to this training course. (Class room and Range time)

(This Class is taught by retired/veteran police officers)

 Topics covered in this class will be Massachusetts & Connecticut General Laws pertaining to firearms, safe storage of firearms, safe handling of firearms, child proofing firearms, Identifying and unloading different firearms, cleaning firearms, different types of ammunition and laws pertaining to transportation of firearms. This class is also great for people who want to get into Airsoft guns. All Airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms and should be treated as such. The plastic BB’s that come out of these guns can travel at speeds of 300-800 feet per second. If these guns are handled improperly, then there could be some accidental discharge resulting in injuries. If your child wants to get into Airsoft training then he/ she should take this class on gun safety.

At the conclusion of this class you will HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND CONFIDENCE NECESSARY FOR OWNING AND USING A FIREARM SAFELY and receive a Massachusetts State Police Certificate and a Certificate of Completion to apply to many other states . This course exceeds the requirements to apply for your Firearms Identification Card (FID) or License to Carry/ Concealed Carry permit in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Florida and any other state that requires a LIVE FIRE firearms safety course.

If you’re not sure if you want to train with us then please check out our reviews on our website or Facebook.


**We provide the firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection for this course**


Gather your emergency food, water, self-defense necessities.

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With the ever changing world we live in and the unstable politics that surround us, we need to be able to take care of ourselves.  We need to gather the necessities like food, water, shelter and self-defense supplies.  We here at SSD Tactical Training, Inc. can help in providing you with theses very important necessities. We ship products anywhere.

Check out our Products Page for supplies and Education and Training. We specialize in firearm/ accessories sales and training.

Give us a call or visit our website at or our

Products page at

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe


Women’s Self-Defense Class.

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Thank you to everyone who came out for the Women’s Self-Defense class on Friday 07/17/2015. We not only learned unforgettable self-defense techniques (Escapes from multi-directional choke holds, multi-directional bear hugs etc.), we also incorporated a cardio workout while doing combatives (Punches, kicks, elbow strikes, hammer fists etc.). A great overall training class/ program. Looking forward to seeing all you again on July 31, 2015. Until then be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Stay Safe