Women’s & CO-ED Self-Defense Class

Women’s & CO-ED Self-Defense Class

This is a two hour course that will build the confidence and teach the techniques to fight off an attacker. This course will teach you how to be mentally aware of your surroundings and teach you combative techniques (Palm heel strikes, punches, kicks etc.) to escape from chokes and holds. We will teach how not to be a victim but the victor. Please wear workout gear and good sneakers.

FEE: $50

If you would like to attend please go to the Application Tab and fill out the appropriate application and mail it along with the class deposit to the address on the application.  You can also contact us direct at 413-204-0592.

One thought on “Women’s & CO-ED Self-Defense Class

    ERIK-X said:
    December 28, 2016 at 6:51 am

    BLACK BELT TV | THE MARTIAL ARTS NETWORK has a show that teaches women the vital aspects of the Martial Arts and Self Defense. The Show is called “Women In Action” Watch it on BLACK BELT TV | THE MARTIAL ARTS NETWORK.
    Visit there website for more information. BLACK BELT TV is now available on ROKU TV.


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