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Our mission is to increase firearms safety and self-defense to our clients as well as enhance the personal safety and awareness to individuals seeking additional training. Safety is our #1 priority. We offer Firearm Safety courses which meet the requirements to obtain your License To Carry Pistols/Firearms (LTC)/ Firearms Identification Card (FID) permits in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, NH, FL and many other states. During our courses you will be handling firearms throughout the course.

In our advance training courses we apply our S.M.A.R.T approach to self-defense. 

Our S.M.A.R.T approach to Threat Perception and Self-Defense



Long term or overall identification of goals and means of achieving them. 540 degree of situational awareness (Tactical Mindset/ What if game!)



Control or influence (A person or situation) to be clever, turn odds to your favor. (Recognize your advantage and assailants disadvantage)



Operational Plan. Determination as to whether the contemplated course of action is worth the cost. (Injuries, Life or Death)



Being able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions/ situations, staying strong and flexible. (Mental and physical preparedness)



The execution to complete a self-defense skill. (To quickly overcome your assailant)

In today’s society there are hostile acts committed everyday towards innocent people!

Don’t let today be your day – our motto is:


“It’s better to be prepared and have a skill and not need it, then to be unprepared and need a skill and not have it.

Stay prepared, Stay Safe.”

What we offer

MA/ CT Basic Firearms Safety Course

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Concealed Carry Handgun Defense Course

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UTAH Multi-State Concealed Carry Course

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