Exemption for Muzzleloaders


Exemption For Muzzleloaders and Ammunition Therefor: Subsection (p) has long provided a nonresident exemption for muzzleloaders. Recent changes have included residents as well. Currently under this exemption, a person who does not have an FID or LTC, even a statutorily disqualified person, can possess not only black powder rifles and shotguns (muzzleloaders), but also the ammunition for such guns. This includes the ball, black powder or Pyrodex powder, and percussion caps. It is the opinion of the Executive Office of Public Safety that this exemption allows only for “Carrying or Possession” as stated in (p), and does not apply to purchases. Therefore, while no FID or LTC is required to purchase the muzzleloader itself (because of an exemption in section 121), an FID would be required to purchase the ammunition because muzzleloading ammunition still comes under the regular definition of ammunition in section 121.

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