What are the sources of lead exposure at a firing range?

  • In conventional ammunition,
    • Both the primer and the core of the bullet contain lead.
  • Exposure to lead dust occurs
    • During loading of ammunition,
    • Target shooting, gun cleaning
    • Firing range maintenance.
  • Inadequate or poorly designed ventilation,
  • Improper range cleaning procedures,
  • Eating drinking and smoking in an area where lead is used
  • Lack of proper hygiene

All of the above can contribute to high lead exposures. Lead exposure can occur in both indoor and out door ranges. If an outdoor range is used the exposures are reduced.

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High levels of lead dust in ranges that are not properly designed, ventilated, or maintained can settle on:

  • Bodies, Clothes, Shoes of shooters and other range occupants.
  • The dust can then be carried to their cars and homes, where it can be a hazard to their families.
  • Young children are more sensitive to the effects of

Personal Hygiene

  • Showers, washing facilities and changing rooms should be provided and used.
  • Hands and faces must be washed after shooting.
  • Range instructors and range cleaners should shower and wash their hair at the end of their shift.
  • The changing room should have separate lockers for contaminated protective clothing and street clothes.
  • Contaminated clothing and shoes should be properly disposed of or cleaned.
  • Any lead-contaminated clothing should be washed separate from other laundry items.

Eating, drinking and smoking must be prohibited in any area that could be contaminated with lead.

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