Important information when filling out your LTC application


When filling out your Massachusetts License to Carry a Firearm (LTC) application make sure you answer all questions truthfully. One question that is a gray question is along the lines of  “Have you ever appeared in front of any court?”  Which means if you have ever been charged criminally or civilly and had to go to court for this incident.   So if you were charged with a crime and found not guilty or given probation with a Continue Without a Finding (CWOF) then you have to answer YES to that question.  If you ever appeared in Civil/ Probate Court for family issues you will have to answer YES as well to that question.  Your history with the courts will appear when the licensing authority conducts a background check on you and if you answer NO to this question then the licensing authority will determine that you have been untruthful and deny your availability to get a License to Carry and now you would have to file an appeal within 90 days and start the process all over again with the proper documentation of your criminal/ civil history.

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe.

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