Mission Statement

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Our mission at SSD Tactical Training is to increase firearms safety and self-defense to our clients as well as enhance the personal safety and awareness to individuals seeking additional training. Safety is our #1 priority. We offer Firearm Safety courses which meet the requirements to obtain your License To Carry Pistols/Firearms (LTC)/ Firearms Identification Card (FID) permits in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, NH, FL and many other states. During our courses you will be handling firearms throughout the course.

We also offer Intermediate, Advanced, Self-Defense Firearms education and training. Our instructors have Law Enforcement backgrounds with years of experience. They are NRA Certified and Massachusetts/ Connecticut State Police Certified Firearms Instructors and police academy Use of Force, Firearms and Defensive Tactics instructors, as well as Simunition Force-on-Force instructors and Utah concealed carry permit instructors. We will cover Massachusetts/ Connecticut General Laws as well as teach the fundamentals of safe gun handling, safe storage/ child proofing, different types of firearms/ ammunition, firearms malfunctions, transportation laws, concealed carry laws and the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary for owning and using a firearm safely.

In today’s society there are hostile acts committed everyday towards innocent people!

Don’t let today be your day – our motto is “IF IT’S POSSIBLE, IT’S PREVENTABLE”!

“It’s better to be prepared and have a skill and not need it then to be unprepared and need a skill and not have it. Stay prepared, Stay Safe.”

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