October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We have a special offer!


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Ladies take the first step in protecting yourself!

We will be offering this (Non-shooting) course at a special rate of $50 to women only.

Seats fill quickly so book now to reserve your seats!

4 Hour License to Carry (LTC) Safety Course

Date: Friday 5:30pm-9:30pm

Time:5:30- approx. 9:30 pm

(Must have 4 students to run this course)

Cost of class is: $50 per student (PayPal charges a small service charge) (Great for people 15-20 years of age looking to get their Firearms Identification Card. And people 21 years old and older to apply for your License to Carry Pistol permit)

This is NOT A SHOOTING class. It’s approximately 4 hours in length.

(This Class is taught by retired/veteran police officers)

Topics covered in this class will be Massachusetts Laws pertaining to firearms, safe storage of firearms, safe handling of firearms, child proofing firearms, Identifying and unloading different firearms, cleaning firearms, different types of ammunition and laws pertaining to transportation of firearms. This class is also great for people who want to get into Airsoft guns and people who have an LTC looking for a refresher. All Airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms and should be treated as such. The plastic BB’s that come out of these guns can travel at speeds of 300-800 feet per second. If these guns are handled improperly, then there could be some accidental discharge resulting in injuries. If your child wants to get into Airsoft training then he/ she should take this class on gun safety.

At the conclusion of this class you will HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND CONFIDENCE NECESSARY FOR OWNING AND USING A FIREARM SAFELY and receive a Massachusetts State Police Certificate. This course meets the requirements to apply for your Firearms Identification Card (FID) or License to Carry/ Concealed Carry permit in Massachusetts.**

Call us for the details. 

Thank you and stay safe

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