Carrying a firearm on a ATV in Massachusetts.


 I frequently get asked about carrying a firearm on an ATV. Here is the rules that apply to this type of question.


(Selected section related to firearms)

C. 90B § 26 Dangerous and prohibited operation

(g) No person shall carry a firearm, rifle or shotgun in or on a snow vehicle or recreation vehicle or on a trailer or sled attached thereto unless such firearm, rifle or shotgun is unloaded and in an enclosed case. This section shall not apply to a law enforcement officer or other person with enforcement powers authorized in section 32, or to a paraplegic as provided in section 65 of chapter 131.

Penalty: $250 – $1000 fine under section 34. “Whoever violates subsections (e) to (h), inclusive, of section 26 shall be punished by a fine of not less than $250 nor more than $1,000.”

§ 26 NOTES

1. ATV’s: This section includes ATV’s and requires that rifles or shotguns used for hunting, carried on an ATV that is being used for transportation, must be in an enclosed case.

2. Type of Case: There is no criteria for a type of case other than that it be enclosed. As such, it could be a hard case, a soft case, or a completely enclosed scabbard as frequently used on ATV’s. There is no requirement for the case to be locked or for any type of trigger lock or other locking device to be in place.

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