Real Estate Agents Firearms Training and Situational Awareness Training!


Real Estate Agents Firearms Training and Situational Awareness Training!

Real estate agents are experts who help others buy and sell houses, and they are invaluable to the process of buying or selling a property. Unfortunately, their careers put them at risk due to their positions leaving them alone with complete strangers in private locations which consist of empty homes, offices and buildings for sale. Unfortunately, Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Landlords are very vulnerable to violent attacks. Below are some statistics of real estate agents killed while conducting real estate business.

 Between 2003-2012, there was 198 real estate personnel killed due to homicide. Numbers are rising each year. (Stats from There are many ways a person in any aspect of real estate can protect themselves.

What Self-Defense measures a Real Estate Agent can take?

Consider these other options:

  • Firearms: There is a lot of opinions on should I carry or not? In 2015 there was over 30 million firearm related self-defense incidents alone where people survived a deadly encounter. It’s obvious that all people need to be trained in the self-defense laws, carrying and techniques when possessing a firearm.
  • Mace or pepper spray: Some states require a permit for pepper spray and some don’t. In Massachusetts a person 15-18 years old can possess pepper spray with a permit if they have a guardian’s permission. 18 years old and older do not require a pepper spray permit. You’ll still need to be trained in its laws, carrying and usage.
  • Taser: Tasers can be legally carried without a permit in 43 states, but are prohibited in the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island, as well as in certain cities and counties. Unfortunately, Tasers are mostly localized pain and not over the entire body unless you have the type that shoots the electrical probes.
  • Knife: Although they are discreet and easy to handle. However, you’ll need to be trained in the laws, carrying and techniques on how to use one safely.
  • SelfDefense Classes: Take a Self-Defense course or seminar. You don’t necessarily need to be a black belt in Martial Arts, you just need to take a course that has simple techniques that work and that are easy to remember no matter what size your assailant is. One great Self-Defense System is Krav-Maga (Hand-to-Hand Combat). This system is based off your natural bodily instincts which make the techniques easy to remember and learn.

Remember that the most dangerous Self-Defense weapon is one used without proper knowledge, Skills and Confidence. Should you decide to carry one of the above mentioned self-defense tools, you should take a safety training course and always practice safe weapon handling on a regular basis to stay proficient and confident.

Carrying a weapon doesn’t make you invincible. Whether you carry a weapon or not, you should consider the following safety tips:

  • Show Plan: Let co-workers know that you are showing property and give details to them on who you are showing the property to and where the property is.
  • Never Show a Property Privately: If you agree to meet them privately, meet them in your office first and get a photo copy of their Government issued I.D. (Driver’s License etc.)
  • Bring someone with you: You always have the option of bringing another adult with you for added protection.

We here at SSD Tactical Training, Inc. offer all kinds of Self-Defense training, from Pistol Permit/ License to Carry classes to Self-Defense (Hand-to-Hand Combat), Firearm defense, knife attack defense, Pepper Spray Training, etc.

Feel free to contact us for any training that would interest you.

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe

SSD Tactical Training, Inc.



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