Multi-State Basic Firearms Safety Courses Available (MA, CT, RI, Utah) (Discounted.) Come get certified. 11/05, 11/12, 11/19, 11/20/2022


This is a SHOOTING course.  This course consists of handling several different types of firearms.  The only way to learn is by seeing, hearing and doing.  There is NO online portion or video games to this training course. You will learn firearms storage laws, self-defense laws, transportation laws and many more. (This class meets the requirements to apply for your MA, CT, RI, FL License to Carry / Pistol Permit and any other state that requires live fire training. (This class supersedes the requirements to apply for your License to Carry through the Springfield, MA, Chicopee, MA and the Ludlow, MA Police Dept.)

Come get trained so you can get licensed to carry a firearm!!!

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe

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