Intermediate Level Pistol Course


The course will consist of the following topics and essential skills which require approx. 200-300 rounds of pistol ammunition: 

Range Safety, Legal issues, Proper Stances, Proper Grip, Proper Sight Alignment, Proper Sight picture, Proper Trigger Control, Proper Breath control, Clearing Firearm Malfunctions, Multiple shots at multiple Targets, Tactical Reloading, Administrative Reloading, Increasing your accuracy at different distances, Shooting while properly moving forward, laterally and backwards, Failure Drills, One hand shooting (Strong side/ Support side), Shooting from concealment, Shooting different types of targets.

  • All courses of fire will be from 0 – 15 yards. All participants must fill out an application prior to class.  Class size is limited. 


  • Participants MUST bring their Active License To Carry (Must have an active pistol permit. NO EXCEPTIONS) and other items as follows:


  •  Eye Protection (Safety Glasses), Baseball style hat, Ear Protection, Dress appropriately for the weather, Their Firearm they wish to shoot. .22cal-.45 ACP and Ammunition for their firearm.

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe

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