Exemption for Muzzleloaders

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Exemption For Muzzleloaders and Ammunition Therefor: Subsection (p) has long provided a nonresident exemption for muzzleloaders. Recent changes have included residents as well. Currently under this exemption, a person who does not have an FID or LTC, even a statutorily disqualified person, can possess not only black powder rifles and shotguns (muzzleloaders), but also the ammunition for such guns. This includes the ball, black powder or Pyrodex powder, and percussion caps. It is the opinion of the Executive Office of Public Safety that this exemption allows only for “Carrying or Possession” as stated in (p), and does not apply to purchases. Therefore, while no FID or LTC is required to purchase the muzzleloader itself (because of an exemption in section 121), an FID would be required to purchase the ammunition because muzzleloading ammunition still comes under the regular definition of ammunition in section 121.

License to Carry a Pistol/ Firearms

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C. 140 § 131 License to Carry Firearms

All licenses to carry firearms shall be designated Class A or Class B, and the issuance and possession of any such license shall be subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

Class A LTC entitlements

(a) A Class A license shall entitle a holder thereof to purchase, rent, lease, borrow, possess and carry:

(i) firearms, including large capacity firearms, and feeding devices and ammunition therefor, for all lawful purposes, subject to such restrictions relative to the possession, use or carrying of firearms as the licensing authority deems proper; and

(ii) rifles and shotguns, including large capacity weapons, and feeding devices and ammunition therefor, for all lawful purposes; provided, however, that the licensing authority may impose such restrictions relative to the possession, use or carrying of large capacity rifles and shotguns as it deems proper.


A violation of a restriction imposed by the licensing authority under the provisions of this paragraph shall be cause for suspension or revocation and shall, unless otherwise provided, be punished by a fine of not less than $1,000 nor more than $10,000; provided, however, that the provisions of section 10 of chapter 269 shall not apply to such violation.

Classification: Misdemeanor

Penalty: $1000 – $10,000 (c.269 § 10 does not apply)

Right of Arrest: No

Action by Licensing Authority: May suspend or revoke LTC


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C. 140 § 131P Basic Firearms Safety Course

(a) Any person making application for the issuance of a firearms identification card under section 129B, a Class A or Class B license to carry firearms under section 131 or 131F, or a permit to purchase under section 131A, who was not licensed under the provisions of this chapter on June 1, 1998, shall, in addition to the requirements set forth in said sections 129B, 131, 131A or 131F submit to the licensing authority a basic firearms safety certificate; provided, however, that a certificate issued by the division of fisheries and wildlife pursuant to the provisions of section 14 of chapter 131, evidencing satisfactory completion of a hunting safety course, shall serve as a valid substitute for a basic firearms safety certificate required under this section.