Concealed Carry Handgun Defense Course

Call: (413) 204-0592 if you have questions about the course.

Dates:  TBA

Time: 9am-approx. 12pm

Cost: $200.00   (Plus Credit Card Fee)

***(Must have 4 Students to hold this class)***

***All participants will receive a Course Completion Certificate at the end of the course.***


Course will be conducted inside 

This course consists of some of the following topics:

Classroom Portion will include:

  • The Law of Deadly/Lethal Force/Use of Force, De-escalation of Force/ Violence, 
  • Massachusetts Law of Self Defense and what to do after the incident
  • Legal and Civil Issues
  • Different levels of stress
  • What to do after a Self-Defense Situation
  • Secure Holster and Concealment Options
  • Handgun Retention Techniques
  • Proper Stances, Proper Grip, Proper Sight Alignment, Proper Sight picture, Proper Trigger Control, Proper Breathing control
  • Clearing Firearm Malfunctions,
  • Identifying concealment v. cover
  • Practicing Basic Firearms Handling Skills and advancing to advanced skills
  • Shooting from Multi-positions
  • Shooting and Moving
  • Shooting from Concealment


Required Equipment:

  • Your own Handgun. (We can rent you one at an additional fee and you MUST have a valid License to Carry)
  • Your own Ammunition (Approx. 100 rounds)
  • Eye Protection (Safety Glasses)
  • Ear Protection (Hearing Muffs or Ear Plugs)
  • Baseball Style Hat
  • Good Concealable Sturdy Holster for your Gun’s make and model. (NO Cheap Airsoft Holsters)
  • Good Stable footwear and proper clothes. (No Flip Flops or Sandals, No Tank Tops or V-Neck Shirts)
  • First Aid Kit (Can get at local Gun Shop or Walmart, etc.)