Force-on-Force Training (Defend against Violent Crimes)!


We all know that society has changed drastically (And not for the better). We all want to defend ourselves and our families. You do not want you or your family to become victims of a violent crime or sexual assault! We here at SSD Tactical Training take pride in teaching people the abilities to defend themselves against an attacker either be empty hands or with a weapon. We offer Force-On-Force training applications which will teach you the following skills;

1. Personal Weapon Defense (Empty Hand Combat. End the fight fast and effectively).

2. How to defend yourself and family members against a Home Invasion. (Utilizing a Simunition Shoot House)

3. How to properly maneuver inside your home against an attacker. (Utilizing a Simunition Shoot House)

4. How to defend yourself and family members against a Carjacker. (Utilizing Simunition)

5. Handgun/ Firearm Retention (A must know if you carry a gun)

6. Firearm Defense (What to do if someone pulls a gun on you)

7. Knife Defense (What to do if someone pulls a knife on you)

We have Coed and all women classes forming now. If you’re interested on reality based training then look no further. Our staff have years of Law Enforcement Tactical Instructor Training and Experience. Our classes are affordable and empowering!

Contact us at 413-204-0592 or email at

“If it’s possible, It’s preventable”

Stay Safe, Stay Prepared, Stay Informed

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