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Establishing the proper pistol grip safely:

The portion of a firearm designed to be grasped by the shooting hand in the normal

operation. The grip is established with the draw of the PISTOL from the holster. This called the

five step draw.

1. GRIP :

Weapon hand firmly establishes the shooting grip on the PISTOL with trigger finger

straight along the side of the holster. The retention devices (snaps) are undone as the

grip is established.

2. DRAW :

PISTOL is drawn far enough up so the muzzle is clear of the holster.


The muzzle is rotated 90 degrees to the horizontal and now points towards the threat

(The threat may be engaged at any time here on in as this is the traditional “hip shooting”



The PISTOL is brought upward to the center of the chest as the support hand comes up and

behind the PISTOL from the other side forming your two hand hold.

5. UP:

The PISTOL, now supported by both hands, is brought up to eye level and the sight picture

obtained. Fire if the situation dictates.


“Stay Prepared, Stay Safe”


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