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SENATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. 2194

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Here is the actual wording of the Senate Bill. There is no mention of maintenance of guns or magazine capacity. This Bill is better than House/ Rep Linsky (D- Natick, MA) version. I received this from Senator Eric Lessers Office today.
SENATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. 2194
Senate, October 26, 2017 — Text of the Senate amendment (Senator Spilka) to the House Bill
making appropriations for the fiscal year 2017 to provide for supplementing certain existing
appropriations and for certain other activities and projects (House, No. 3979)
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
In the One Hundred and Ninetieth General Court
SECTION 18. Section 121 of chapter 140 of the General Laws, as so appearing, is hereby
237 amended by inserting after the word “gun”, in line 100, the following words:- ; provided,
238 however, that “machine gun” shall include bump stocks and trigger cranks.
13 of 25
239 SECTION 19. Said section 121 of said chapter 140, as so appearing, is hereby amended
240 by inserting after the definition of “Assault weapon” the following definition:-
241 “Bump stock”, any device for a semiautomatic firearm that increases the rate of fire
242 achievable with such firearm by using energy from the recoil of the firearm to generate a
243 reciprocating action that facilitates repeated activation of the trigger.
244 SECTION 20. Said section 121 of said chapter 140, as so appearing, is hereby amended
245 by inserting after the definition of “Shotgun” the following definition:-
246 “Trigger crank”, any device to be attached to a semiautomatic firearm that repeatedly
247 activates the trigger of the firearm through the use of a lever or other part that is turned in a
248 circular motion; provided, however, that “trigger crank” shall not include any firearm initially
249 designed and manufactured to fire through the use of a crank or lever.
250 SECTION 21. Paragraph (o) of section 131 of said chapter 140, as so appearing, is
251 hereby amended by adding the following sentence:- Clauses (i) and (ii) of this paragraph shall
252 not apply to bump stocks and trigger cranks as defined in section 121.

Civilian Tactics Course

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Our Civilian Tactics Course is designed to teach civilians the essential skills necessary to identify a possible threat, to protect yourself and family in and outside your home from violent encounters, understanding situational awareness and how not to put yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time!

The course involves three levels; Completion of all levels is required to advance from one level to the next. Each level focuses on personal safety and reinforces the essentials of self-defense shooting.

The course includes classroom, live fire range time (Utilizing your guns and 200-300rds of ammunition), practical instruction and Force-on-Force scenario based training (using Simuntion equipment).

Course Summary

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Live Fire Range Exercises
  • Reactive Shooting
  • Point and Shoot Drills
  • Utilizing barricades for cover
  • Cover v. Concealment
  • Weapons carriage
  • 540 degree awareness
  • Entries (In Home)
  • Recognition of threat and transition drills
  • Hallway clearing/ Room clearing (Home Protection)
  • Cornering
  • Formations (Patterns of Movement)
  • Proper Tourniquet applications

 Course Requirements

  • All students must be 21+ and have a valid License to Carry/ Pistol Permit or be active duty Military.
  • Minimum Attendance: Group of 4
  • Maximum Attendance: Group of 8

Contact us if you are interested or if you have any questions

Stay Prepared, Stay Safe

(Live-Fire) Massachusetts/ Connecticut License to Carry (LTC) Firearms Safety Course

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Class Dates:  November 12th and 19th, 2017

Class Location: 100 Verge St. Unit #2, Springfield, MA 01129

Time:  8am-approx. 4pm            

Why pay $100 for a Non-Live Fire Course somewhere else and only be able to apply in Massachusetts. If you take this course you’ll be able to apply in MA, CT, RI, NH and many more states for your license to carry a pistol.  (We must have 4 students to run the class)

Cost of class is: ($100) Please pay using link above. (Credit Processor charges a small service charge) (Great for people 15-20 years of age looking to get their Firearms Identification Card.  And people 21 years old and older to apply for your License to Carry permit)  (LTC)

Please Click Here: Application to apply. 

ATTENTION:   (You can fax applications to 413-301-5180 prior to start of class or send them to SSD Tactical training, Inc. P.O. Box 443 Ludlow, MA 01056)

This is a SHOOTING course.  This course consists of handling several different types of firearms.  The only way to learn is by seeing, hearing and doing.  There is NO online portion or video games to this training course. You will learn firearms storage laws, self-defense laws, transportation laws and many more. (This class meets the Chicopee Police Dept. resident requirements for applying for their License to Carry Permit.)

(This Class is taught by retired/veteran police officers)

 Topics covered in this class will be Massachusetts & Connecticut General Laws pertaining to firearms, safe storage of firearms, safe handling of firearms, child proofing firearms, Identifying and unloading different firearms, cleaning firearms, different types of ammunition and laws pertaining to transportation of firearms. This class is also great for people who want to get into Airsoft guns (To learn safe gun handling). If these guns are handled improperly, there could be some accidental discharge resulting in injuries. If your child wants to get into Airsoft training then he/ she should take this class on gun safety.

At the conclusion of this class you will HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND CONFIDENCE NECESSARY FOR OWNING AND USING A FIREARM SAFELY and receive a Massachusetts State Police Certificate and a Certificate of Completion to apply to many other states . This course exceeds the requirements to apply for your Firearms Identification Card (FID) or License to Carry/ Concealed Carry permit in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Florida and any other state that requires a LIVE FIRE firearms safety course.

If you’re not sure if you want to train with us then please check out our reviews on our website or Facebook.



**We provide the firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection for this course**



See you soon

Stay Safe


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Late last night the senate took up and amended the bill, voted favorably and have sent it to conference committee, where it will be finalized and sent to Governor Baker to be signed.

GOAL Alert


Late last night the senate took up and amended the bill, voted favorably and have sent it to conference committee, where it will be finalized and sent to Governor Baker to be signed.

The senate version was amended to include Senator Tarr’s language, which is a drastic improvement over the Linsky language. We will get one or the other of these versions on the final bill, there is no other option at this time.

Take Action!

Please contact the members of the Conference Committee TODAY and urge them to strip the “Linsky language” from the final version of the budget, should it pass it will create a legal quagmire for licensed MA gun owners.

The committee members are:

Budget Conference Committee


  • Representative Jeffrey Sánchez, 617-722-2990 Chair House Ways & Means Committee – State House Room 243
  • Representative Stephen Kulik, 617-722-2380 Vice Chair House Ways & Means Committee – State House Room 238
  • Representative Todd Smola, 617-722-2100 Ranking Minority House Ways & Means Committee – State House Room 124


  • Senator Karen Spilka, 617-722-1640 Chair Senate Ways & Means Committee – State House Room 212
  • Senator Sal N. DiDomenico, 617-722-1650 Vice Chair Senate Way & Means Committee – State House Room 208
  • Senator Vinny deMacedo, 617-722-1330 Ranking Minority Senate Ways & Means Committee – State House Room 313C

10/27 Update. Please continue calling your legislators about stripping the Linsky language from the house budget, H.3979. (see last post for more info)

This is going to come down to which version gets passed and we need to do everything we can to ensure it’s not the house/Linsky version. Now that the house and senate have each followed procedure and approved the same bill it will go to conference committee. They will approve the final version between the two and send it to Governor Baker to be signed. He is going to sign whatever comes out of committee.

We should know who is going to be on the conference committee later today and we will need to make phone calls once we do.


GOAL has learned that the MA House of Representatives engrossed a new budget bill during informal session today, which includes the Linsky amendment regarding modification of firearms.  The language is in two parts.

The first section (Section 18), copied below, would make any basic modification and or maintenance of a firearm illegal, including required maintenance like lubrication of moving parts.

Section 131R. Whoever possesses, owns or offers for sale any device which attaches to a rifle, shotgun or firearm, except a magazine, that is designed to increase the rate of discharge of the rifle, shotgun or firearm or whoever modifies any rifle, shotgun or firearm with the intent to increase its rate of discharge, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison by not less than 3 nor more than 20 years.

The second section (Section 51) is equally egregious in that it gives EOPPS regulatory authority over all maintenance and enhancement of rifles, shotguns, and firearms.  Can you imagine what AG Healey would do should EOPPS be granted this kind of authority?  See language pasted below.

The Secretary of Public Safety shall promulgate regulations by January 1, 2018 concerning the allowability of maintenance and enhancement of rifles, shotguns and firearms consistent with the intent of this section.

We are being told that Governor Baker will sign this into law, by Tuesday, October 31, 2017.  Please take action immediately

Take Action

Please call your state representative and senator immediately!  Let them know that this amendment must be stripped from the budget bill.  This language is so broad and open to interpretation and abuse that it will cause a legal quagmire for licensed gun owners in Massachusetts.

You can call the State House operator at 617-722-2000 and ask for your state representative and/or senator, or you can look up their direct phone number by clicking here.

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