WARNING: Trail cameras used as IED’s


The ATF Issues Warning of More IEDs in Trail Cameras

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Kentucky State Police Post 10 have issued a warning that IEDs have been found in Harlan County.

Back in June, OutdoorHub published an article about officials investigating explosive rigged game cameras in Kentucky.

The public safety advisory, issued Monday, warns that some of the trail cameras were found abandoned on paths in rural areas near the Dave Smith Drainage Area, on the Little Black Mountain Spur in Harlan County.


These IEDs were designed to explode when a person inserted batteries into the trail camera, while others were set to explode by a trip wire leading to the trail cameras.

The first IED explosion happened in May and authorities had been on the lookout since.

An investigation led to the arrest of Mark Sawaf, in June, after police discovered materials in Sawaf’s trash that were connected to an explosive device that previously injured a man.

Authorities searched his home after his arrest and found trail camera parts, wire, and other materials that were used in the making of the IEDs.

During an attempt to have Sawaf find the remaining devices in Harlan County, he attempted to escape and was fatally shot.

With IEDs still believed to be in existence, authorities warn that should you come across a suspect trail camera or treestand, not to touch it and immediately notify law enforcement.

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