(Live-Fire, LTC, F.I.D) Massachusetts/ Connecticut/ RI/ Utah Multi-State License to Carry (LTC) or F.I.D Firearms Safety Courses. Available dates in June, July & August 2022


This is a shooting course: You will learn:

Safe handling of several different types of firearms, firearms storage laws, self-defense laws, transportation laws and much more. . (This course completes the live fire requirement that Springfield, MA, Ludlow, MA and Chicopee Police Depts. require to apply for a License to Carry Permit.)

Topics covered in this class will be Massachusetts & Connecticut General Laws pertaining to firearms, safe storage of firearms, safe handling of firearms, child proofing firearms, Identifying and unloading different firearms, cleaning firearms, different types of ammunition and laws pertaining to transportation of firearms. You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the class.

Get Licensed to stay prepared and safe

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